Open Letter to SKI Khama

Dear Mr. S.K.I. Khama

I have been having a torrid time trying compose this letter to you. I hope it finds you in good health. I wish I could say I sympathise with you on the whole saga between you and H.E Mr. Masisi but that would be a blue lie. I write this to speak my honest thoughts and nothing more hence my decision not to lie about my empathy or sympathy for you. I think you had it coming. I don’t mean to be a hateful scum of the earth even though the words herein might on the surface belie that. Truthfully, I never have any affinity for you.

 As I write this letter, it has been three days since you addressed your people in Serowe regarding your political future. Unfortunately, due issues of distance and time I have only been able to see snippets and extracts of your address. I must say I am not surpised by the tone of your address which matches your character to the tee. Further, the phrase ‘your people’ is used deliberately because of your sense of ownership over the people of Botswana especially Bangwato and those who so choose to be your stoogies. I must say you sounded like a desperate soul. 

I write to you to tell you a single truth that all those people who gathered to hear you rant; basically, listen to you pollute the air with utter nonsense couldn’t tell you. YOU ARE NO FIGHTER FOR DEMOCRACY OR ITS UNDERLYING TENETS BUT A POWER-HUNGRY SPOILT BRAT WHO CAN’T BARE THE THOUGHT OF PEOPLE NOT PANDERING TO HIM ANYMORE. SINCE I AM NO PSYCHOLOGIST I WOULD SAY YOUR BEHAVIOUR BORDERS ON NARCISSISM. I could end this letter here but I think I need to put my statement into perspective and here so it goes.

During your Presidency, as the former President Mogae tried, in vain, to advice you against some of your terrible and disastrous policies you accused him of trying to rule from the grave. I would challenge you to look into the mirror and you will see the difference between his behaviour and your behaviour. What you are doing is trying to rule from the grave and all for your selfish gains. You do not care for a second for me or for the thousands who came to listen to you. 

Like many people, I suspected that you would appoint to the Vice-Presidency a spineless person who would do your bidding. You would be the real power and him/her a pseudo-President. Mosu would have been the unofficial state house. Like many including yourself, Mr. Masisi got us all fooled and I am grateful. Remember that ‘confession’ of being bootlicker in his home village at a kgotla meeting. That there was a master stroke on his part. I am left to wonder where the master tactician that I grew up being told of around fireplaces was at the time, maybe you were never that smart after all. Just a lucky Peter Pan born into a family of power through royalty and political affiliation. Ke tloga ke bua tshele jaanong.

Mr. Khama, you are protector of democracy. If you have any doubts about that you should go and look at your Presidency. You ruled with impunity and fear. If you recall, the term ‘extra-judicial killings’ is synonymous with your Presidency. I mean Mr. Mogae made Kenneth Good a Prohibited Immigrant for his academic work and condemnation of his administration but you raised the stakes even higher. I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought for a minute that you wanted to have a more ‘illustrous’ record than Mogae and you were on a competition. Please get me right, I am not saying you shot anyone but your silence when people were shot and killed by military personnel and your subsequent pardoning of the said killers makes my head spin. And yes, I know you were acting within your legal powers but still it was tacky.

For a defender of democracy, you have a rather curious record. Who would forget how you dealt with dissent within the BDP during your Presidency? You birthed the BMD through your disdain for dissent. Your treatment of the late Gomolemo Motswaledi is one high profile example. I am not saying your predecessor is fairing any better but you should stop deluding yourself. We could go all day making a list of your undemocratic ways. But then again, I would be wasting my time since you listen to no one but your own voice.

Lastly, I am, like many people, dismayed at your play at tribalism at your quest to deal with your saga with Masisi. I have no delusion that your address was predicated on playing at tribal loyalty which you enjoy as royalty. What you did mirrors the behaviour of your great uncle Tshekedi and his tribalistic tendencies. Your behaviour is that of a person who believes that they are better than everybody.

Please do not burn our country to fulfil a childish and petty vendetta. We don’t always get the toys we wanted even when mummy and daddy said so. But you wouldn’t know that would you? I mean everything has been handed to you on a silver platter. Just let it go and go ahead with your paphata and soup schemes. Re lapile ka wena.

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  1. Well written, the man is afraid of what destiny carries for him. He woundnt be running helter skelter and dramatising everything.


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