UDC Press Statement on the Lifting of the Ban on Elephant Hunting: I CALL BS ON THAT

There is an old story about the former leader of the Botswana National Front Dr. Kenneth Koma and his response when presented with the party’s plan to seize state power. It is alleged that at the end of the presentation he stood in utter astonishment and uttered the following words “goo, la re le batla go busa? Nna ke rile ke batla go batla go ganetsa”. I can’t say whether this story is true or false but I can say that this is definitely the behaviour that is being displayed by the UDC. OPPOSING FOR THE SAKE OF OPPOSING. This story came to my mind when I read the UDC press release on the lifting of the elephant hunting ban.

I will say this, the UDC is a party in deep leadership and moral crisis. It reeks of desperation and its latest romance with the former President is indicative of the rot at its core. It signals the moral degradation within the party and desperate opportunism that has come to characterise those who sit at its helm. It lacks focus and vision to say the least. We should have listen to Ndaba Gaolathe when he said the UDC was going to disintegrate on its own. The evidence is there for all to see.

There are many factors that led to the decision to lift the ban which include among others the human-wildlife conflict which has seen the number of people trampled to death by these beautiful giants rise exponentially and the population exceeding the carrying capacity of the land. We all know that Khama’s interests in Wildlife are by no means noble but by all means self-serving as is the alliance Boko and his nexus of perennial losers at the poll with Khama is. In the last year several meetings with stakeholders on the issue were held to consult. I guess they are mad that they were never consulted individually but they are not and represent the views of all stakeholders. Further, as citizens of Botswana we have mastered the art of conservation beyond the colonised notion of conservation that has got Khama and his waterboys up in arms. We are Conservationists of repute, it is a spiritual and cultural calling for us.

You have to get me right here, I am no government apologist nor am I a UDC attack dog. But I believe that everyone has to be called out on that BS and I call BS to the UDC BS press release. It’s a display of sycophancy that should not be left to pass by without challenge. It’s a display of lack of moral authority to lead. The UDC has basically turned into little Trumps, throwing mud at the wall hoping something sticks. The UDC should not take us for granted. We are smarter than that and deserve respect.

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