There is no such thing as coincidence some people say. I am at this point inclined to agree with these people. There is a reason I stumbled upon a documentary titled Roll Red Rollon the popular streaming site Netflix. At the end of the documentary I was disgusted with society especially men. For the benefit of those who are yet to come across the documentary, it talks of how people at a high school conspired to hide the rape of an underage girl by two high school ‘football’ (I don’t know why Americans call it Football when they mostly use their hands to play) stars. There was a concerted effort to intimidate those who came forth. In America the term ‘rape culture’ became mainstream.

As I tried to recover from my disgust I stumbled upon a Mmegi interview clip of one Dorcus Makgato in misguided defiance as she stood on the outer corridors of the legislature. My heart was torn to pieces. Let me hereunder reproduce her words:

“…Yo mongwe o na le kgang ya rape ya ngwananyana e hitlhilweng, yo mongwe o na le kgang ya go utswa dipetrol, I know these things. My time will come. Bring the commission of enquiry that is where I will speak. Yaanong bone ba, yob a romileng wa ikitse, ba eleng gore bone…e…e…e… ba tshwerwe ke di kgang tsone ba ikitse. My conscience is clean.”

The 21 second clip is loaded. It speaks to systematic corruption and systematic obstruction of the law and her role as an accessory to these acts. It speaks of her knowledge of and indifference towards crime. You may have noticed that I omitted the title Honourable from her name as ascribed to her by law. I don’t think she deserves the title and has the moral fortitude to be ascribed such even though the law says so. She may, by law, carry it but morally she has lost it.

In a world where we are battling with rape and rape culture, it is disappointing to see anyone trivialize rape into an electioneering issue. Ms Makgato there is nothing clean about your conscience, it is as tainted as the unnamed person you were referring to. It is irresponsible for you to harbour knowledge of the commission of a crime and use it as a political weapon. It is morally irreprehensible. It is potentially a crime under the laws which you as a member of the legislature to harbour such knowledge without disclosing it to the police. We can talk about aiding corruption through silence and indifference some other day.

Ms. Makgato, you, like many in our society, are guilty of aiding the continued plight and plunder of the female body by the males in our society. Just like the slavers, you are guilty of turning the bodies of our women into currency, in your case political currency. You have demonstrated in your interview that all that mattered to you was your political career and as long as ‘John Doe’ did not pose a threat to your political life you could care less about the victim of the rape ‘Jane Doe’. It is absolutely inhumane and shameful. You do not deserve to be entrusted with public office.

With these words I wish to say unapologetically that SHAME ON YOU MS. MAKGATO.


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  1. My name is Edgar Tsimane. This is the first time I visit your blog. I’ve become your instant fan. Actually I also wrote an opinion piece published in The Telegraph ‘Charge seditious Ian Khama’ with a mention of Dorcus Malesu. I wonder if you were able to access it somehow.


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