Repost: #MenAreTrash

It is often said that no man who is in a privileged position can truly understand the strife of the underprivileged, the oppressor of the oppressed and so on. In truth as the male class of the human species we can never understand the challenges that females through. The tales women tell of the boogie men that they meet in their daily lives is rather chilling.

Lately the social media platforms have been dominated by stories of young women being abducted and slaughtered. Murder is too respectful a word in this regard. This prompted the rise of #MenAreTrash much to the chagrin of most men. Personally, first I felt that this was a classic case of misandry. Maybe I could not understand the meaning behind the hashtag than what appears on the face of it. However, as I read through social media platforms, it occurred to me that was intended to open dialogue.

The #Menaretrash movement was on the way appropriated by misandristic actors drowning the topical issues the hashtag intended open for debate. The hashtag in itself is confrontational, calling upon men to question social conventions that have led women to feel like rhinos; constantly under threat from men. There is no doubt that women feel in our midst as men and that most if not all of the violence perpetuated against them is at the hands of men.

Does the question of nature v nurture bare the answer to ending this perpetual violence against men? Do men do enough to deter other men from perpetuating violence against women? Are we really our sister’s keepers or we spend time glorifying the senseless violence against women? Are men, man enough to bring an end to barbarism?

If the above questions do not force one to question societal norms that attach to women and seek to change them to make women safe the yes #menaretrash. #menaretrash for their failure to act and speak out against gender-based violence. #menaretrash for failing to challenge social norms that infer a superiority complex on men over women. #menaretrash for failing to teach their sons that violence against any person is intolerable most of all women. However, if you write #menaretrash out of deep-seated hate them you don’t get the point like most men don’t.

To end violence against women and all the vulnerable groups in our society we need to destroy the power structure that perpetuates it. That can be changed by changing how men view women. Empower women and men to deal and identify violent behaviour. Any form of action that has the potential to breed resentment, anger and a need to act defensively will do more harm than good. #menaretrash as a form of confrontational protest bears all hallmarks of a revolution. Its success lies in the ability of all to understand what is stands and calls for rather than a tool to disparage another.

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