Boko failed the UDC, What’s next for the UDC?

The dust has finally settled and to the victors goes the spoils as those who were dealt the raw end of the battle lick their wounds. For many, you accept the loss and move on with your life. For those who think of themselves as the best thing after sliced bread they delve into a... Continue Reading →

Repost: #MenAreTrash

It is often said that no man who is in a privileged position can truly understand the strife of the underprivileged, the oppressor of the oppressed and so on. In truth as the male class of the human species we can never understand the challenges that females through. The tales women tell of the boogie... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to SKI Khama

Dear Mr. S.K.I. Khama I have been having a torrid time trying compose this letter to you. I hope it finds you in good health. I wish I could say I sympathise with you on the whole saga between you and H.E Mr. Masisi but that would be a blue lie. I write this to... Continue Reading →

Question of the Century: The Future of work

On the cold Danish morning of December, 2, 2018, over 1200 trade unionists from 132 countries gathered in Copenhagen for the fourth ITUC World congress. In her address, Lizette Risgaard, President of host LO-Denmark, set the tone for the week ahead, reminding delegates, “We are – and always will be – the global trade union movement.... Continue Reading →

Ms Moitoi is Preaching to the Choir

On the afternoon of Monday, April 1, 2019, Ms Venson-Moitoi addressed a press conference at Travel lodge in the Gaborone suburb of Block 3. The first quarter of the year had drawn to a close and from the sound of her voice so was her enthusiasm. For her, the second quarter of the year which... Continue Reading →

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