UB’s rebuke of Protesting workers was misguided and abrogation of its moral duty

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to bear its ugly head. For those in the informal economy, the effects have been devastating as the economy sheds jobs on a daily. In Botswana, our economy has been predicted to shrink when compared to other years. In these trying times one would hope that there is a unity of... Continue Reading →

The Response To The BCPYL call for Boko’s Head is Indicative of a Culture of Intolerance Towards Dissent and We should Be Concerned

The Botswana Congress Party Youth League (BCPYL) in a statement that has since been retracted called for Duma Boko to give up the presidency of the Umbrella for Democratic Chance (UDC). The reaction to their position was met with vitriol by members of the Botswana National Front, being Boko’s political clansmen. On Tuesday 20 January... Continue Reading →

Open Letter To H.E MEK Masisi

Dear Mr. President I would like to extend my warm regards on your inauguration as President of the Republic of Botswana. I heard that it rained in Botswana again on the day of your inauguration. O motho a ratwa ke pula. I, for one, do not know the significance thereof but like many I am tempted... Continue Reading →

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