Good Governance: Nothing But A Dream for Botswana (Part 1)

According to the King’s Code, Corporate Governance is defined as the exercise of ethical and effective leadership by the governing body towards the achievement of the following governance outcomes, namely: (i) ethical culture; (ii) Good performance; (iii) effective control; and (iv) legitimacy. The definition is quite packed but one can, without dwelling into specifics, deduce... Continue Reading →

Deinstitutionalise Tribalism

It has been eighteen years since the Balopi commission was sanctioned by the then President His Excellency Festus Mogae. For all his flaws, I still consider him a great statesman. The Presidential Commission was set up at the height of Tribal tensions as a result of the institutionalized tribalism which underpins our country. The fallacy... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Vote?

  For many, disillusionment in Botswana politics reigns. As the nation gears towards the 2019 elections many of us wonder why we should vote. The disillusionment is by all accounts understandable. The comedy of errors that has come to define our political landscape is enough to make even the most optimistic of optimists pessimistic. The... Continue Reading →

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